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May 26, 2012 / roscone

A Note on 3DS Max

dieFirst off, every time I try to type 3DS Max I end up typing “#DS Mac”.  That’s just kind of my experience with learning this software so far though.  I am very used to Maya, so the interface in 3DS Max is absolutely baffling me.  I mean, you actually have to turn on the ability to edit things per-polygon or vertex?  That’s just bizarre.  Still, I know a lot of game studios use 3DS Max and there are precisely zero courses at WPI that teach it, so I must self-teach.

So far, I am actually pretty happy with the results I get out of 3DS Max.  Things look good!  Sure, I take twice (at least) as long to make things in 3DS as I would in Maya, but that’s just temporary (I’m hoping).  It does kinda drive me nuts that I can’t get a solid poly-count on things, but that might be in a menu or setting hidden in some yet-undiscovered corner of the program.  I am especially happy with the default rendering, particularly the in-editor rendering.  It just works, and it makes me happy.

So the results of my tinkering so far is this six-sided die.  Like I said, it turned out well.  I just need to speed up and learn where all these menus are.  I’ll keep playing and see what happens.


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