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May 28, 2012 / roscone

Game of Thrones – Stark – Details

Stark2So the work on the Stark family sigil continues.  First off, I switched materials away from Mat Cap Red.  I feel that this one looks much better for the purposes of this sculpt.  Next, I started working with the DAM_Standard brush, one of my personal favorites.  You can get really nice creases out of a model with that brush.  I used that to get more definition around the lips, define the nose, and add a few wrinkles to the rest of the face.  I also hit the nose and tongue with a light textured brush just to give them that bit of bumpiness they need.

The biggest thing is the fur.  I initially wanted to either sculpt or simply cut out the tufts of fur shown in the 2d image of the sigil.  However, this wasn’t working.  Instead I started playing around with other brushes to see what kind of effect I could get out of them.  I settled mostly on the rake brush, varying the size and doing a bit of cross-hatching to get what I feel is a pretty decent feel of fur.

I still need to refine the fur just a bit though.  I also want to do something with the teeth to make them just a tiny bit more defined.  I don’t necesarily want them razor sharp, but just a little clearer is all.


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